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More Free $5 vouchers for oo.com.au

Posted By: McMutt, posted 2008/10/08 11:42
Yet again i am giving out free $5 vouchers for oo.com.au. so get ready for those christmas presents.


1. I MUST receive rep before you are given a $5 voucher.
The rep button can be seen to the left and it looks like weighing scales, click it. After which post in this thread (DO not PM me.)

2. ! vocuhers per person.
  • queenshrew2008/10/08 12:20:38
    2. ! vocuhers per person.

    Is ! = infinity? :innocent:
  • Bowersnest2008/10/08 14:25:42
    I'd love a $5 voucher thanks
  • McMutt2008/10/08 18:39:49
    !=1 sorry for that.
  • sab9882008/10/08 20:22:21
    hey .. id like one ... ive added some rep BTW :w00t:
  • McMutt2008/10/08 22:19:18
    All sent guys :D
  • frogduck2008/10/09 03:14:09
    Hey, i'd like to get one of these vouchers, added rep :thumbsup:
  • McMutt2008/10/09 08:17:05
    Welcome to buckscoop frogduck, i have sent you a voucher :D
  • frogduck2008/10/09 10:51:45
    thanks for the welcome and the voucher :)
  • Isaacsmama2008/10/10 12:07:47
    Hi, could I have one please, can't find the one they've sent me?
    Thanks McMut.
    Rep added for your generosity!
  • stilted2008/10/12 11:10:23
    Another nice offer :-)
  • McMutt2008/10/12 22:01:23
    Sorry about the delay i was on a holiday.
  • Telstar2008/10/13 14:13:50
    I'd love $5 Voucher.

    Thanks very much.
  • McMutt2008/10/13 15:53:57
    All sent guys.
  • aussiebuddha2008/10/16 21:58:47
    one for me please?
    Added rep
  • McMutt2008/10/21 01:54:39
    Guys still a bucket load left this is open to everyone so get in quick as Christmas is just around the corner.
  • fairybelle2008/10/22 16:41:27
    can i have a $5.00 voucher pls
  • port2008/10/24 19:03:04
    Could I also have a voucher? TIA
  • femme172008/10/24 23:08:10
    Hi, can I have one too please :)
  • McMutt2008/10/25 12:34:56
    Sorry guys but im away from my house for the weekend when i get back i will be sending the out to those who have followed the rules :D
  • chloe07082008/10/29 12:02:25
    Could i please get a voucher too?
    Rep Added.

  • melissanj2008/10/29 12:23:27
    can i get one too please :D Added rep
  • McMutt2008/10/29 14:38:52
    KK i just sent a batch off to a you guys have fun with them ;)
  • vando2008/10/30 21:30:07
    Yes please McMutt..voucher please and thank you!
  • queenshrew2008/10/30 22:35:32
    Can I grab one McFurry? :D
    Rep added..

    I have no idea why mine never arrived from oo.com.au

    Wonder if they went into my junk mail and has since deleted :confused:
  • AussieMarkMelb2008/10/30 22:43:18
    Awesome can I get one too - rep added.


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