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MacHeist Virus Barrier X5 freebie.

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2009/11/11 00:43
Am putting this up here as I want to know whether its any good and worth running.

Its sort of a freebie - ie you get 6 months of freebie virus defn updates and then it dies (and you have to pay of course)
Expiry date:2009/11/17
  • fishmonkey2009/11/11 11:12:59
    Virus Barrier is a decent app, although on a Mac antivirus software is still not really necessary, unless you partake in illegal downloads from dubious sources and are very unlucky...

    the strongest argument that can be made for running antivirus stuff on a Mac is to minimise passing on Windows malware...

    Intego make some slick software, but i object to the way they run their software on a hidden subscription basis... i challenge you to find out how much the yearly subscription for virus updates is!
  • admin2009/11/11 17:47:36
    Ta fishmonkey

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