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Lots freebies with Subscriptions with iSubscribe

Posted By: wheadle, posted 2006/10/30 13:32
I was trolling thru the iSubscribe site and came across the list of freebies available with various magazine subscriptions. And as I was looking for a post - my first - I decided to do this.
This is my selection but I recommend you have a look as there are loads more
Atomic mag - Subscribe to Atomic NOW and win a $7000 Gaming Server for a year
Limelight - Subscribe to limelight this month and receive a FREE copy of the Sydney Symphony CD, worth $20.
New Woman - Subscribe to New Woman and receive a FREE Sunbeam salon technique hairdryer worth $49.95. (for my wife of course)
Essential - Subscribe to Essentials & receive a FREE $50 LindenWarrah luxury hotel voucher PLUS a FREE Essentials Advance Plus Members travel card.

Well that is a few. My plan is to sort a few pressies and pocket the freebies...hehehehe

And you get cashback too - not tried that yet but I shall give it a go and let you all know how it went. ;-)
  • mouldgirl2006/10/31 23:34:16
    Thanks for the heads up re the freebies at iSubscribe. I LOVE a freebie. Great idea to buy the subscriptions for the family and then pocket the freebies. I could do with a new hairdryer and my sister likes the mag so think I will take the plunge
    Shall let you know how it goes wheadle. I have not bought on the site yet either but I think I will today
  • pow umop apisdn2007/02/11 11:49:16
    These magazine freebies are great :)

    Have to hunt through iSubscribe sometime, to see what they have on offer these days.

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