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Join the Wallace Bishop Gold Club & Recieve a $25 Voucher for your Birthday

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2007/10/06 04:03
Join up to the Wallace Bishop Gold Club and recieve a $25 voucher on your birthday with no minimum spend!
Nothing likea free bit of jewellery for your birthday!
  • Keeys2007/10/06 23:33:41
    Thanks its my b'day in a few weeks so good timing ;)
  • MamaK2007/10/24 23:51:40
    I joined this before my birthday and only got a gold club member card- did you get anything keeys?
  • lindanat2007/10/25 12:35:45
    I have to tell you all this. I joined last year but there were no shops in victoria. So i got my $25 voucher for my bday, hmmm what do. I sold it on ebay!!! I got $18.25 for it too. That was almost 12 months ago wonder if i can do it again lol
  • jayne2007/10/25 18:08:15
    lol @ lindanat !
  • Klieu2007/12/07 01:35:01
    Thanks again! This is fantastic!
  • Keeys2008/04/05 15:19:00
    This ones expired you only get the gold card now that gives you 5% off instead of the voucher :(
  • geo782008/04/05 20:31:14
    too bad, it was a good offer...
  • Michelle21542008/04/07 10:58:19
    It was my bday last Friday and i got a voucher a few days before for $25, theres no store near me so i tossed it, i didnt think of selling it.
    So they must still have the voucher for those of us who registers ages ago i'd say?
  • Keeys2008/04/07 11:21:43
    ohhh thanks for that I live in hope mind you my b'day isn't till Oct ;)

    I didn't get one last time but I wonder if it was because I didn't apply until a few days before my b'day and by the time it was processed was after my b'day.

    Anyone else joined a while ago have a birthday coming up ?
  • lilpretzel2008/04/07 11:27:07
    Yes we all got ours for our birthday.

  • Gallifrey2008/04/07 14:35:31
    we all got ours too, and spent them!
  • vscomgirl2008/04/08 08:01:07
    I got one when they sent the gold card a month ago and one for my birthday last week, woo hoo!
  • photographyisart2008/04/08 21:38:05
    i signed up before my birthday but never got this :(
  • nod2008/04/11 20:13:15

    Sorry to hear that Photo
    Maybe contact them and ask where it went?
  • golfwidow2008/04/12 09:30:14
    :( Link doesnt want to work for me

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