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Jack Daniels - Register To Get Lots Of Great Freebies

Posted By: taskel, posted 2009/06/09 09:43
Follow the link & register for free at JackDaniels.com to get all sorts of freebies,

I've know people to get the following:

- calenders
- ice cube bags,
- leather wallet
- luggage tags
- leather credit card holder
- hip flask
- dealer poker chip
- 5 dice poker game
- cuff links
- whiskey glass

I've just signed up, I think they send out these gifts every few months, & september is Jack's birthday apparantly you will definately get something then. You have to be over 21 to register.
Expiry date:2012/04/03
  • golfwidow2009/06/09 11:27:10
    Hubby thanks you very much :D
  • taskel2009/06/09 11:42:55
    Hope he enjoys it GW!!! :)
  • NoosieB2009/06/09 12:20:57
    Thanks taskel. I just signed up also, purely out of intrigue to see what you get. Got plenty of friends who will enjoy this - so will pass on the good word. Cheers :)
  • taskel2009/10/14 08:43:40
    Has anybody got anything yet? I got a leather (well it looks like leather...!) passpost holder a few weeks ago, forgot to comment. It's actually a pretty good freebie! :)
  • Cherrybabe2009/10/14 11:53:46
    I sined up a few weeks a go, nothing yet...
  • ExoticFamiliarity2009/10/15 04:19:04
    Nothing yet for me either.
  • taskel2009/10/15 07:43:27
    It was my birthday in August, that may have been why. I wouldn't give up hope yet, a few people I know have got things like coasters, keyrings/bottleopeners and stuff.
  • blondieo2010/07/05 23:18:51
    Today in the post I got a stubby cooler! :D Very random! Completely forgot about this!

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