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ING Orange Everyday Free bank account (+up to $60.00 free cash +$50c bonuses)

Posted By: cnitso, posted 2009/09/20 00:16
Hi all came across this freebie from a site called ozbargain. It looks pretty cool a bit of 'free' money as well. Now that's gotta be good :)

Anyway, from the website:
* Use EFTPOS to get $200 or more cash out when youre making a purchase, to get a 50c bonus (yep, well pay you to take the money out)
* Youll receive a $20 bonus when you make your first purchase using your Orange Everyday Visa Debit Card
* Youll receive a second $20 bonus when your first salary is deposited
* And youll receive a third $20 bonus when your first direct debit is set up and withdrawn
* But you need to be quick as these bonuses will only be paid until 15 October 2009
* Zero ING DIRECT dishonour fees
* Free online bank cheques
* Free SMS Security and Email Alerts
* Free spending tracker
* Free instant transfers to and from a linked Savings Maximiser or Savings Accelerator
* Free unlimited ING DIRECT online transactions such as BPAY and Pay Anyone in Australia
* Great rates on International Transfers

Now back to me talking:
The 2 biggest inconveniences I see are:
(1) that in order to be charged no ATM fees you must withdraw at least $200 each time. If you don't have $200 in your account, then you just need to go to any eftpos outlet and ask for cash out or just suck it up and cop the 50c ATM fee. The really cool thing is that by the looks of it they charge no dishonour fees and they pay you 50c for withdrawing more than $200.
(2) There are no branches so you gotta go to Australia Post to do your banking. I don't know about u guys, but our Australia post outlet has a waiting line of 20 minutes every time.

Here's the brochure: http://www.orangeeveryday.ingdirect.com.au/documents/Im_getting_paid_for_everyday_banking_June_2009.pdf

Anyway, I'm seriously tempted to give it a try . . .
Expiry date:2009/11/21
  • nod2009/09/22 20:41:24
    Awesome offer. Thanks
    Having to go to Aus post to bank is a bummer. For some reason you rarely seem to go into a post office without a nasty nasty line
  • ExoticFamiliarity2009/09/23 11:00:10
    That sounds interesting I was actually looking for a bank account that sounds like that for my parents, and I think this might do them well... And they end up at the post office every other week... Thanks for that!!!
  • port2009/09/24 22:54:39
    Having to go to Aus post to bank is a bummer. For some reason you rarely seem to go into a post office without a nasty nasty line

    You don't need to go to AP… you can deposit in the mail.

    IME, queues at banks, post offices, government shop-fronts all tend to get nasty after the first hour of trade, unless you happen to live in a town with less than a thousand people living there. :)

    In any event, it's interesting, and I'm sure that it'll be well received. It's timely since the big 4 banks have all increased their monthly account keeping fees in the last twelve months.
  • craftykiwi2009/09/25 07:16:23
    You just need to look around. Our closest PO is in a big shopping centre 2 mins away and there's always a big queue but within cooee there's another 3or 4 smaller POs that don't seem to have the same problem and it's much easier to get served. I know the ones to go to if I don't want to wait and only use the big queue ones if I'm there at the time.
  • port2009/09/25 20:09:35
    OK, I've just reviewed the site a little more, and it appears that the promo bonuses will be paid until 21st November. I've edited the post to reflect this.



    T&C's, Fees and Charges
  • tiChen2009/09/26 00:44:06
    Another commission network is offering $45 for opening a ING Savings Maximiser. Can Buckscoop get hands on it? Would make an awesome addition to this deal.
  • nod2009/09/26 02:11:04
    In the pipeline :)
  • port2009/10/13 12:33:34
    Free money - they have a compelling argument for their product. :)

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