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Identity Direct have "Free Personalised Letters from Santa"

Posted By: Keeys, posted 2007/11/15 17:36
FREE Santa eLetter
Now your child can write to Santa and receive a reply! Print out this personalised letter from Santa. Imagine the excitement when they read just how much Santa knows about them.

This FREE Santa eLetter is brought to you by Identity Direct - where you can purchase many other fantastic personalised products for Christmas Our most popular My Special Christmas Adventure where your child goes on an exciting trip with Santa. There are many Disney and Sesame Street products to choose from.

All you need to do is fill out the details below (the more information the better the letter) and we will instantly email you a letter from Santa. All you need to do is open the attachments and print using the best quality colour you have available. The graphics are great and worthy of high quality colour.

You can have the letter mailed out for a small fee.
  • jayne2007/11/16 11:36:16
    You can have the letter mailed out for a small fee.

    Can you see how much? Even if there's 12% cashback on it, it might be worth it to get it through the door? :)
  • lilpretzel2007/11/16 17:14:50
    ummm $9.95 :eek:

    Letter from Santa

    [SIZE=3]Now your child can write to Santa and receive a reply!

    Printed on decorative letterhead and presented in a North Pole stamped envelope addressed directly to your child.

    Imagine the excitement when they read just how much Santa knows about them[/SIZE]
  • Keeys2007/11/16 19:22:27
    Ah well I'll be printing them out for a few little people I know ;)

    If I was that bothered I could post it to them I'm sure they aren't going to worry about the north pole stamp or not, I mean maybe if I was trying it on an older child but littlies aren't going to care to much.
  • lilpretzel2007/11/16 19:43:01
    Keeys what about the great little xmas stamps to stamp on the envelopes from the cheapie shops, your make up your own Christmas design enveoples and print out.

    I think I'll design one to print out, must take another look at the free avery Christmas program I posted - http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=4457

  • Keeys2007/11/16 20:39:18
    I did one just for a sample to see how it looks. Its really cute. I tried to put it on here without any luck can someone else perhaps do a sample one to put on here so people can see what it looks like?
  • Keeys2007/11/16 20:49:42
    I can't work it out but here is what it looks like


    and written in it is ......

    Santa Claus
    25 Merry Street
    North Pole

    Mason Keys
    1 Lennox Street
    Sydney, NSW 2000

    Dear Mason,

    With Christmas just around the corner, I was checking my list of good
    little boys and found your name was right at the top! Well done, we're all
    very proud of you.

    To reward your good behaviour, the Elves are making a very special
    present just for you. What could it be? toys

    I still remember delivering your very first Christmas present and here you
    are 1 year old already! You're growing up fast and so are your friends,
    Teddy, Brice, and Hayden.

    Rudolph and the other reindeers are getting very excited. On Christmas
    Eve, our first stop will be Sydney Australia. Be sure to leave some water
    outside for the reindeer and some cookies for me.

    Speaking of cookies, it smells like Mrs. Claus just pulled another batch of
    cookies out of the oven. She'll need some help ... eating them.
    Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas
    Santa Claus
    PS - And Happy New Year

    Hope that helps. I think its a great freebie and very easy to do. Can't wait to see the kids faces :) :) Although I think I might wait till Dec when we are putting the tree up to hand them out ;)

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