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Spam - Hugo Boss Fragrances – order a free sample

Posted By: rizzi, posted 2013/05/01 03:49
There are four Hugo Boss Fragrances to choose from – Boss Bottled, Boss Bottled Night, Boss Batted Sport and Boss Nuit. You can choose just one, two, or all four to be mailed right to your doorstep. Just fill up the form, submit and wait for them.

You must be older than 18 years to order a sample.
Expiry date:2013/05/31
  • twinz22013/05/01 22:06:20
    I like the smell, it is nice
  • Guff2013/05/02 13:25:26
    Out of stock
  • Keeys2013/05/03 02:12:35
    in stock again :)
  • aty2013/05/03 12:58:21
    out of stock -.-
  • Donkey2013/05/03 16:17:12
    When did that message come up for you aty? I just went through the process and it accepted my request and gave me a tracking number. Went to check what the tracker was going to say but it was this "Sorry, your sample request is not yet live in our system. If you made your request earlier today, please try again tomorrow. Otherwise, we apologise and we would kindly ask you to reorder your sample on the Internet. "
  • elfhug2013/05/05 08:56:37
    out of stock

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