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Huggies ELC toy giveawaye ($16.95 postage plus barcodes from purchase required)

Posted By: Rebekah76, posted 2011/04/05 10:36
Huggies are running another fabulous toy promotion. You need to be a member of their Huggies Club, but you can sign up online for free

You need 10 barcodes from Nappies or Nappy Pants and 1 from wipes. (Huggies boxes of nappies have up to 3 barcodes on them and you can use them all)

The freebie is your choice of ELC® toy palace (Palace) or ELC® toy rocket (Rocket). (see link for pictures and details)

postage is $16.95 - the toy is worth $75. Max of 2 per household.

I'd get in quick as there are limited numbers (17,500 of each toy). Fill out a form online and print to send in your barcodes.

Promo starts at 11am EST 5th April (today) and ends on 21 June 2011, unless the toys run out earlier than that.

If you don't have barcodes, people usually sell them on EBAY or similar. (but perhaps if you have extra you can list it below and people can send you a message if they want them?)

I'll post some info on the toys in a minute.
Expiry date:2011/06/21
  • Rebekah762011/04/05 10:38:39
    Info on Palace toy: http://www.elctoys.com.au/p-6976-happyland-fairytale-fantasy-palace-castle.aspx

    Happyland Fairytale Fantasy Palace Castle
    This lovely lilac and pink palace opens up for hours of fun play.

    Includes two thrones, a canopy bed, King, Queen, Princess and court jester figures and a balcony for those Royal appearances.
    Catalogue No: ELC125686
    Age Range: 18 months - 5 years
  • Rebekah762011/04/05 10:40:41
    Info on rocket toy: http://www.elctoys.com.au/p-622-lift-off-rocket-play-set.aspx

    Lift Off Rocket Play Set
    With a sleek red fuselage, the Lift Off Rocket with carry handle and lift-off sounds will excite and inspire your child's imagination.

    Press the button to see the engines light up and hear realistic countdown and take off sounds.

    With three compartments there is plenty of space for the astronauts, their dog, their space buggy and the alien who has stowed away in the rocket.

    The cargo hold opens so the moon buggy can zoom down a ramp and explore alien terrain, or the dog can go out for space walkies.

    The living compartment opens to reveal a bedroom and kitchen with a microwave, toaster, coffee machine and mugs for the tired and hungry crew. Lift the bed to reveal a lavatory underneath.

    The top compartment holds a control room where the two astronauts can fly their space missions with their dials and radar.


    1 x rocket with lift-off sounds
    2 x astronauts
    1 x space dog
    1 x moon buggy
    1 x alien in a crater

    Requires 2 x AA batteries.

    Catalogue No: ELC113398
    Age Range: 18 months - 4 years
  • deking7772011/04/05 15:11:02
    how's everyone gone doing their forms?
    was lucky enough to get 1 claim for the rocket, but keeps crashing when i try for the castle.

    think i'll be sending my form in asap if popularity going by todays crash on the website is any indicator.
  • Rebekah762011/04/05 16:05:23
    It was crazy. I just kept refreshing until I got in, but then there were issues with credit cards.. so I ended up getting two(1 of each), but one is paid by cc and the other by cheque because it was the only way to get the system to accept my claim.

    I would just wait a little while and try again. You can call them and they will post you out a claim form - but I think better to put your claim in, then print/post etc..

    I will be posting mine tonight though - just to make sure. Good luck everyone - such a FANTASTIC bargain. I've got one for my little boy and the other one for my niece as a birthday present.
  • Rebekah762011/04/19 11:43:23
    Huggies website says the deal is closed. They ran out of toys!

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