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Greens - Free silicone oven mits - 2 Purchase Required

Posted By: AprilSermon, posted 2009/03/12 16:31
Buy two greens products- cake mix, maple syrup or pancakes ( may i reccomend the orange and poppy seed cake, you can not beat it really is awesome)
  • fairybelle2009/03/12 16:47:24
    Welcome to Buckscoop AprilSermon!!! - Enjoy your stay
  • Gallifrey2009/03/12 19:29:59
    great thanks!
  • craftykiwi2009/03/13 06:46:26
    Thanks and welcome Aprilsermon.
    Note first 5000 entries received so need to get your cake mixes quick.
  • daabido2009/03/14 00:13:30
    It's not really cleaer to me whether you are supposed to cut out the barcodes and send them off or merely write down the barcodes from the packages. Hopefully someone will be able to clear this up for me.
  • craftykiwi2009/03/14 07:37:35
    It says cut them out daabido. For promotions like this they usually get you to cut around the barcode on the box or packet and sent them in as proof of purchase so from the instructions looks like this is the same.
  • daabido2009/03/14 09:28:21
    Cheers crafty. I assumed as much from my previous cashback experiences but for some reason the wording just seemed a bit vague. Probably just me!

    Edit : I just looked at the site again. It doesn't mention cutting them out anywhere, but I will anyway because that is how it is usually done. Also on the PDF there is nowhere to put the name and location of the store, which is supposedly one of the terms of entry.

    No doubt that it's a great deal but they should have got someone else apart from the intern to put it all together. Usually cashback promotions are very well designed so you know exactly what needs to be done.

    I's still a great giveaway :)

    Double edit : According to the terms and conditions;

    "Entrants must post their two product barcodes to Greens Chalet Oven Mitt, Locked Bag 7000, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089 and include their name, address, phone number, email address, and the store location (suburb or town) where the Greens products were purchased."

    So on the PDF form there is room for name, address and two lines for the barcode. Nowhere to put your email address, phone number or store location...

    I'll stop now. I can just see some people getting burned on this one. Not because Greens won't come through with the deal, but because the PDF was so badly designed and the part about the barcodes being vague.

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