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Gotalk Global Free International Roaming Data until 30/09/11 (you must buy a sim card pack)

Posted By: stevehl, posted 2011/09/06 21:46
Mobile Internet is FREE on gotalk Global SIM until 30 September 2011 details. [to select countries including Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong - visit their web site for the complete list]

Access the internet from your mobile while you are overseas and Australia !

Go to the settings menu when the gotalk Global SIM is inserted into your handset and enter the following details:

APN: mobiledata
Dial String: *99#

Gotalk Global Sim "Your Mobile Passport" is available from Australia Post and other places for $29.95 which includes $10 of credit and lasts for 90 days. The mobile number you get is NOT an AUSTRALIAN MOBILE NUMBER and its costs you money to receive calls (25c a minute plus 30c flagfall).

It is free to receive SMSs.

Fineprint - if you go hunting you will find that the in the Terms and Conditions "Fair Go" definition:
- We may suspend your access to services without notice where we deem your use to be unreasonable.
- GoTalks currently considers excessive use to be usage of more than 1 Gb of data per month per service and Gotalk MAY disconnect or suspend any existing mobile service.
Expiry date:2011/09/30
  • Donkey2011/09/07 02:14:11
    Was just trying to find out what the data charges would be normally but they dont appear on the site. Any idea what they are stevehl?
  • stevehl2011/09/28 18:19:08
    The data charges will not be published until after 30 September 2011. When asked about the data speeds the phone support person said there was no data on the web site (which is obvious).

    I have just returned from overseas and all I can say is the "Free data to 30 September 2011 offer" was very very very disappointing. I ended up buying local sim cards in each country just to get an acceptable level of download speed. Customer service in Australia is very very very very poor also, they didn't return my emails, and their customer support line (based in another foreign non english speaking country was very very very below standard. In almost all cases the first support person had to place me on hold and ask someone elase for the answer. In fact the people on the phone support line failed to understand basic questions about using their service. When I tried to understand how to configure the internet for free data they gave me the wrong APN code, and I had to insist that the code they gave me was not consistent with that published on their web site).

    Based on my experience I do NOT recommend the GloTalk Global product if you are seeking good timely and competent customer support.


    Update 29/9/11
    I have been in contact with Gotalk Global/Card Call 1300 766 744 and they offered a full refund. They listened to my concerns and advised that they will be considering my comments and undertaking further staff training.

    Data rates are dependent on the carrier selected. eg Gotalk Global uses Optus in Australia and their internet speeds are highly dependent on the number of users and therefore can be quite slow - even in the city.

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