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Posted By: schlemster, posted 2007/01/15 17:39
NESTLÉ NESLAC Toddler Gold with Bifidus BL is a delicious enriched milk drink to nourish and protect toddlers in this very active phase of their development. It is packed with features to help you baby grow. It can be blended with fruit to make a delicious smoothie, frozen in block (with or without fruit) for an icy treat, or substituted for milk on cereal for a morning Bifidus boost. Click through for details and to order a free sample!

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- schlemster
  • schlemster2007/01/16 10:42:00
    work now? :confused:

  • admin2007/01/16 22:49:33
    Love me freebies

    yep schlemster - keep em coming. Thanks for the posts - great stuff
  • nod2007/01/17 07:20:00
    Thanks schlemster

    It is great to have someone who is good at finding freebies

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