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FREEBIE - Samples of Tea Blossoms Tea + $11.95 Postage

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2010/02/21 21:48
On the contact Us page there is an option for Sending Samples.
I submited an inquiry and got an email asking for the address and they sent me about 10 different samples of the tea.
Its fabulous.
  • ndro7772010/03/03 16:53:21
    They are now asking to pay postage:(

    $11.95 "postage" for a sample!

    Due to the great demand and variety of requests
    we have decided to change our sample pack and include:

    1 Blooming ball
    please choose Green or Black tea base


    3 Silken infusers
    please choose
    English Breakfast (Black),
    Special Earl Grey(Black),
    Green Jasmine (Green),
    Fairytale (Green),
    Chamomile Violet (Herbal),
    Peppermint Green( Herbal)

    * Other tea types are not available for sample packs

    Please use below link to lodge a request and choose your tea type

    choose your tea type
  • craftykiwi2010/03/04 09:19:44
    Disappointing postage cost. :( Understand their reasons but seems excessive.
  • Rebekah762010/03/04 10:46:02
    Having used a 'blooming ball' once before by a different company. they are beautiful. It could be a centrepiece on a dinner party table, and then you can drink the tea.

    They usually cost around $5-7, so the postage isn't that bad (not that good), but reasonable.
  • VegasBlue2010/03/05 09:34:50
    This one was a free sample offer when I signed up for it 3 weeks ago, then they send an email saying due to demand they are allowing you to select your samples. Once that was done they hit me with a $17 bill!!
  • Donkey2010/03/05 09:56:03
    Thanks vegasblue.
  • fairybelle2010/03/08 12:17:35
    OMG, this is crazy... I got my samples with no hassles... it was advertised in one of those Health and Wellness type magazines to contact them for FREE samples.?

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