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Freebie laundry powder sample from Bosistos

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2012/03/14 21:34
To get the sample you need to like them on FB. The picture shows a 1kg pack which may be what you end up getting.
  • EGirl762012/03/15 00:03:42
    Drats...only 50 grams - but hey, a free wash is a free wash! ;-) (Hot water, etc not included. ;-))


  • Donkey2012/03/15 00:28:45
    damn - only 50 grams...... their facebook image is a bit of a furphy then....
  • Pookie2012/03/15 11:26:58
    I'm not sure that 50g's is going to clean my football socks but hey it's a freebie. Thanks Donkey.

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