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FREE St John FIRST AID course online - Adobe 8 needed - normally $19.95

Posted By: nod, posted 2008/05/13 20:42
I think this is a great offer. A free online first aid course.

Here is what they say on the site:
"This fun, yet useful 'Crash Course' gives you the basic knowledge to 'Do Something' before the ambulance arrives. The course shows you how to recognise an unconscious person, and provide basic first aid such as CPR, bleeding control and recovery position. The duration of the course should take approximately 30 minutes. You can complete the interactive course at your own pace, in your own time or even to review a session where you left of.

Just log on now and you will be on your way to helping reduce our road toll. Who knows, the person you help could be the person sitting next to you.

Adobe Flash Player Version 8 or higher is required.

Note: You must remain connected to the Internet for the duration of the Course.
Time required: 30-45 minutes
Cost: Free until June 30 (normally $19.95)
Pre-requisite: None"
Expiry date:2008/06/30
  • Brad2008/05/14 00:18:52
    Good skills to learn, that is for sure!
  • admin2008/05/14 08:06:01
    Yea - pretty handy.
  • Klieu2008/05/14 15:51:25
    This is fantastic! Thank you very much! This course is usually advertised for $60 at Connex train stations!
  • leny2008/05/22 01:41:56
    In case you want to see what you are getting before you get into it:

  • leny2008/05/22 01:42:42
  • leny2008/05/22 01:44:06
    By the way, this is a good thing to put into you file or portfolio or what ever it is you have. :) Especially if it's free. Getting certificates of any sort can be very costly these days.

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