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Free shipping Boomerang Books - 23/07/10 until 25/07/10

Posted By: jonas, posted 2010/07/01 18:30
From Friday 23 July to Sunday 25 July, they will be offering free shipping on all purchases.

Not sure if you can use it together (dont see why not), but would go down pretty well with the free $5 credit they offer on signing up as a member.

Expiry date:2010/07/25
  • jonas2010/07/01 18:35:58
    Im not sure if this really counts as a freebie, but thought id still post it.
    If its not supposed to be in this section, could a mod please move it to a more appropriate section?

  • golfwidow2010/07/01 19:43:16
    Thank you for the post Jonas. As it needs a purchase to qualify for the free bonus it is a deal rather than a freebie. For it to be shown in the right section it needs to be reposted rather than move so would you mind reposting under Sale? :)
  • golfwidow2010/07/01 19:44:10
    LOL I just saw you already have so thank you! :) Will expire this one.

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