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Free samples of Lipton Green Tea Peach & Apple!!

Posted By: jayne, posted 2007/07/01 03:10
Easy freebie this one - just click the link, fill in the form and wait for your free samples of Lipton Green tea, peach and apple flavoured.

I have to say I am not a fan of flavoured tea at all, plain old normal tea for me!!
  • scatman002007/07/01 18:26:36
    Cheers :)
  • Brad2007/07/01 18:30:16
    Anything thats free is good for me! :)
  • Debz2007/07/05 21:46:48
    Anything thats free is good for me! :)

    And me!!

    Cheers mate :D
  • Brad2007/07/23 00:19:10
    Got my samples on Friday.

    One of each.
  • jayne2007/07/23 01:42:03
    Great! It's good to hear feedback when someone receives a freebie. Do you like them??
  • Brad2007/07/23 15:53:10
    I haven't tried them yet. lol
  • Smarmie2007/07/23 21:38:42
    My free samples just arrived - will do the taste test for you tomorrow!

  • jayne2007/07/23 21:43:50
    Thanks!! It's great to see people actually getting these! Has anyone else received them?
  • leovip2007/07/24 12:25:05
    i got mine yesterday.good stuff jayne
  • jayne2007/07/24 18:00:42
    i got mine yesterday.good stuff jayne

    Cool leovip!! http://bestsmileys.com/drinking/14.gif
  • nod2007/07/24 19:43:25
    the tea has a wild effect on the little mans hair... must be a serious brew :D
  • Debz2007/07/24 20:14:27
    I got mine too. Thank -you for posting.
  • ScarletRubies2007/07/30 19:46:06
    OK, Nod, I am not acknowledging either (a) what I read when I read your post or (b) why I can't figure out what on earth it could possibly mean otherwise!

    BUT, I am sitting here at the PC with a lovely, almost free cup of tea (I say almost because I did have to boil the water!). It's nice. I enjoy green tea anyway, but the apple is a nice aroma. I am noticing the difference more in the smell than the flavour. A good freebie!
  • nod2007/07/30 19:56:49
    so is you hair standing on end?
  • nod2007/07/30 19:57:52

    It is this little man I am talking about :D

    Sorry I will try to not be so obtuse next time :o

    It has been a very popular freebie
  • ScarletRubies2007/07/30 20:08:11
    Ah, see, I didn't see that little man. I was not thinking of small yellow newsreaders...

    But in answer to your question, nope, my hair is not standing on end. But then, I am neither a little man nor do I have one, so I guess it's related to the effect of green tea & testosterone, perhaps?
  • nod2007/07/30 20:13:14
    The first time I read your post I thought you had said that there was testosterone in green tea :D
    Now that does not sound like a very nice brew!

    He does look like a news reader too :)

    So ScarletRubies, has the freebie has its desired affect and are you off to buy some more tea?
  • piratesmiles2007/08/01 12:05:02
    I loved it, I will defiantly be buying!
  • jayne2007/08/01 18:20:50
    Welcome to BuckScoop piratesmiles :)

  • piratesmiles2007/08/02 11:44:26
    Thankyou Jayne! :)

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