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Free Sample of Sweax Underarm Liners

Posted By: lisss, posted 2009/06/02 01:51
About Sweax

Pronounced Swex or Sweks

The Brainchild of Aimee Gullotto, Sweax Underarm liners are designed in the shape of a bottom-heavy snowman following the outline of the underarm, the thin and non-visible liner adheres to the inside, underarm area of a garment. The larger half of the liner sits on the body or bottom half of the underarm seams (where there is more surface area) while the smaller half of the liner is placed on the sleeve-side of the garment.

The liner adheres to the garment by a self-adhesive backing, made of plastic with specially formulated glue - designed to adhere to most fabrics. The soft, absorbent material sits against the skin, allowing for the absorption of sweat. The distinctive shape allows for movement, while the adhesive backing allows for sufficient attachment to the garment, ensuring firm adhesion and confidence in the product.

Sweax Underarm liners are a disposable, soft and comfortable liner made from a non-irritant, absorbent air-laid material which can be used on most fabrics without damaging the garment. The liner does not restrict movement and there are different sizes for male and female.

As Sweax Underarm liners are to be used in conjunction with ones own deodorant, they do not stop you from sweating. The liners not only mask those unsightly sweat patches, they also protect clothing from deodorants powdery residue.

Sweax Underarm liners are the most affordable and attainable solution to a problem most of us have to deal with on a daily basis.

And even if you do not have a problem, Sweax can actually save you $$$ on your dry-cleaning bills and your clothing budget!
  • crampy332009/06/02 16:22:41
    Wow, There's something for every little thing isn't there! makes sense though.
  • taskel2009/06/12 08:56:52
    I'm glad I don't need these! :)
  • lisss2009/06/15 23:37:44
    I have heard of people having botox under their arms to stop excessive sweating, apparently it's quite common. Glad I dont need these but it's a good idea for those who do.

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