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Free Sample makeup kit from Everyday minerals + Postage

Posted By: MamaK, posted 2007/09/26 20:34
Free trial size samples.
This kit includes:

* 3 Foundations
* 1 Blushes & Face Colors
* 1 Concealers

Limit: One per order. Please note, these are not full sizes but samples sizes. They are good for 3 to 6 applications.

They say good for 2-6 applications but mine lasted more times than that- it depends how lightly you use them.
  • fairybelle2007/09/27 12:22:18
    from memory you have to pay $5.00 postage or something like that? Is this right?
  • MamaK2007/09/27 14:05:46
    yes, postage is on top and its coming from the US but I can't actually remember how much it was. Quite reasonable from memory though
  • jayne2007/09/27 19:35:51
    For future reference, I think things that you have to pay postage would be better posted as deals, in the deals forum... submitted as "product" with the price showing as the postage price for example.

    Just a suggestion, I'm not sure if Nod agrees.

    Although this is a really nice kit MamaK :) Thanks :D
  • MamaK2007/09/28 13:21:18
    sorry about that Jayne- is it too late to move it?
  • jayne2007/09/28 21:35:22
    Yeah, we cannot move deals from freebies to deals, but don't worry :) Usually we would remove and ask for a re-post there, but this is nice and hot now and don't want to lose the heat! Just so you know for future. :)

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