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Free sachet of 'True Lemon'

Posted By: completebogan, posted 2010/04/11 21:54
I'm not extactally sure whether this will taste any good or not but its worth a try if its free right?

"True Lemon and True Lime can be used anywhere you would use lemon or lime juice and make the use of these popular fruits convenient and easy"

Check it out & get see what you think!

(The link is located at the very bottom of the page)
  • fairybelle2010/04/13 11:15:11
    How strange? Fake powdered fruit right? or is it already in liquid form?
  • swissmiss2010/04/13 21:39:04
    Odd..... it has the "taste" of lemon apparently!
  • completebogan2010/04/14 17:23:10
    I guess its if lemons are too expensive or out of season??

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