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Free Presto's knife sharpener

Posted By: pjau, posted 2013/04/11 14:48
At this time you can request a free Presto's knife sharpener! Designed to restore the edge of any plain knife, the rollsharp sharpener features a ceramic wheel enclosed in hard plastic, and makes sharpening easy and safe.

To receive your free Presto's knife sharpener fill out & submit the form and don't forget to share with your friends! All fields are REQUIRED. Submitted information is strictly confidential and is not made available to sources outside Presto's.
  • Donkey2013/04/11 16:06:34
    pjau - you reckon these guys will actually send the freebie to an Australian address ? Do you know whether people have been successful with Prestos?
  • pjau2013/04/11 16:10:15
    Sorry I have no idea, But I've applied for them all and there was an Australian option on the form, so I guess I will find out in a few weeks if I actually get anything.
  • Donkey2013/04/11 16:19:20
    Be interesting to see. I only ask because of their location but if they deliver then hey ho....
  • pjau2013/04/11 16:21:05
    Ok, i just googled Prestos Pizza Scam, and theres tons of people saying its fake, so you should probably remove them, I should of checked first. :(
  • odysseus2013/04/11 19:34:47
    I'm not sure they're fake, but these offers were offered last year e.g. Oct for the mitts, and with 113,000 likes on the page, they'd be long gone by now. One said they offered 2000.... obviously they're not going to give away 100,000 things!

    I'd say the restaurant is quite happy with it being a 'like' harvester.

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