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Free: Pet Identification Tag from The National Pet Register

Posted By: DumpsterDiva, posted 2007/06/26 00:25
What is the National Pet Register?

The National Pet Register is an Australia-wide microchip and free pet ID service established and operated by The Lost Dogs' Home and Cat Shelter. The National Pet Register service operates Australia wide, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year and has been in operation for more than 10 years. It has become Australia's largest free pet ID system and continues to grow at an ever increasing rate. Read more about the National Pet Register.

Want a free tag?
Complete our online form and receive your free ID tag in the mail. It's quick and easy so do it now!

I signed both my dogs up. The website is a bit slow - it kept re-loading when I would enter a few items, but I promise you it is a true Freebie.

If your dog or cat is lost, this flexible tag will enable the finder to call the National Pet Register who will call, SMS or e-mail you so you can find your pet.

This is my first post so if it is a repeat, please know that I tried the search feature before I posted.

  • nod2007/06/26 16:44:59
    love the avatar :w00t:

    and cheers for the freebie
  • nelly2007/06/26 22:19:11
    Listed my dog cheers for that :)
  • DumpsterDiva2007/06/26 22:34:01
    love the avatar :w00t:

    and cheers for the freebie

    [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Thanks. My partner took the shot of me as I was demonstrating the Proper Diving Position. Ha Ha!

    I will find more freebies, I am sure. Most I have found work only in the states. However, once I get started on this, I am sure I will go wild.

  • admin2007/06/26 23:10:03
    love the name ....
  • Debz2007/08/07 20:31:07
    Thank-you DumpsterDiva :) It only shows pictures of dogs on there. Do you think this would be suitable for a cat?
  • admin2007/08/09 20:20:25
    :) - quite possibly....
  • Keeys2007/12/09 15:15:31
    Just thought I'd BUMP this up for anyone who is getting a pet at xmas ;)

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