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Free pet emergency rescue sticker

Posted By: completebogan, posted 2010/05/10 19:22
A pet rescue sticker is an invaluable tool for alerting emergency rescue crews to the presence of your pets, and can help to prevent them from being left behind in an evacuation situation. VetShopAustralia are offering a limited number of Pet Emergency Rescue Stickers.

This picture isn't of the actual sticker because I couldn't find one but its very similar.

still avail at 31/8/10
- krazywon
  • Donkey2010/05/10 19:45:54
    Chuckling away - how exactly do you get it to stick to the dog :)
  • swissmiss2010/05/11 12:09:51

    Thinking it goes on your door so firies etc know there's a pet inside!!!!
  • completebogan2010/05/17 18:25:39
    Haha I don't think it would stay stuck to my dog for too long :D Got my sticker a few days ago- it is a good idea to let people know what exactly needs to be rescued from your home

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