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Free Personal Ashtrays from Sydney city council (Collection)

Posted By: Debz, posted 2007/10/28 17:16
These seem to be a good idea, and are also free. The link shows where you can collect one of these from. Personal ashtrays are available whilst stocks last from your nearest Council Location.

"The City's personal ashtrays are free to individuals and can be easily carried in your pocket, handbag or briefcase. Pick one up today and you'll always be able to bin your butt and help protect our environment and Sydney Harbour from butt litter. Don't be a Tosser - Bin your Butt and avoid a $200 fine."
  • JoshHoward2008/02/01 21:47:40
    id get it if it was posted for free! they want tostop us littering sowhy not post it they are so stupid!

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