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Free pens from "freshpens"

Posted By: Debz, posted 2007/10/07 07:32
You can get free samples of pens from "freshpens". There is a little logo at the top right which states:

"Click on the pen that you like, then fill in the form on the right of the page to request a FREE sample. "

It does have a field for company, so I'm not sure if this is suppsed to be for corporate orders only, so up to you if you want to give it a try.
  • Debz2007/10/07 22:37:29
  • fairybelle2007/10/08 21:16:10
    I always feel bad about signing up for freebies that have a Company Field...
    This company seems to be like that Alder Business gifts place. They ring my work all the time cos we got samples from them once... Its sooo annoying,
  • tjgh2007/10/10 11:43:54
    Rang them up to see what its all about and a very rude man said
    we only send pen to ABN holders

    Maybe this offer should be marked as expired? :confused:
  • nod2007/10/10 11:46:15
    Think that might be a good idea. Thanks tjgh
    Companies bust get a bit jaded when they get hammered for freebies that they know are not going to translate to sales. But that is one of the known risks for offering freebies
  • admin2007/10/10 11:47:58
    :D - wonder if he's been getting lots and lots of phone calls tjgh.

    The alternative is to get an ABN of some random company off [url]www.asic.gov.au[/url] but then that would irresponsible of us to promote.

    Think Nod's ruled that it needs to be expired. Thanks for the feedback.

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