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Free PC games thanks to ATi and Steam

Posted By: sab988, posted 2008/01/21 19:36
Receive your free copy of Half-Life® 2: Lost Coast and Half-Life® 2: Deathmatch if you have an ATi graphics card

You have to open a steam account ( which is free) and then download the steam software - then dl the games
  • sab9882008/01/22 12:38:29
    thats for you Jayne :cool:
  • jayne2008/01/22 12:38:38
    LOL thanks sab!! I'll give it a shot!

    EDIT - I already have those :) It's portal I was after :D
  • blondieo2009/07/25 22:59:11
    Hey guys, It seems this is back on, they are now offering the following to Nvidia & ATI users:

    Nvidia Users:

    ATI Users:

    Nvidia users get Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, Lost Coast, Portal First Slice demo and Peggle Extreme.

    ATI users get Half-Life 2 Deathmatch and Lost Coast.

    So now you can hopefully try Portal if you havn't already Jayne! :)

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