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Spam - Free online courses from Stanford University

Posted By: rizzi, posted 2013/06/03 14:27
Stanford University is offering free online course this June and July.

Course 1 – HRP258: Statistics in Medicine
Class Duration: From June 11 to August 16, 2013, 8-12 hrs/week

Course Syllabus:
Week 1 - Descriptive statistics and looking at data
Week 2 - Review of study designs; measures of disease risk and association
Week 3 - Probability, Bayes' Rule, Diagnostic Testing
Week 4 - Probability distributions
Week 5 - Statistical inference (confidence intervals and hypothesis testing)
Week 6 - P-value pitfalls; types I and type II error; statistical power; overview of statistical tests
Week 7 - Tests for comparing groups (unadjusted); introduction to survival analysis
Week 8 - Regression analysis; linear correlation and regression
Week 9 - Logistic regression and Cox regression


Course 2 – EDUC115N: How to Learn Math
Class Duration: July 15 to September 27, 2013, 1-2hrs/lesson

Course Outline:
1. Knocking down the myths about math.
2. Math and Mindset.
3. Teaching Math for a Growth Mindset.
4. Mistakes, Challenges & Persistence.
5. Conceptual Learning. Part I. Number Sense.
6. Conceptual Learning. Part II. Connections, Representations, Questions.
7. Appreciating Algebra.
8. Going From This Course to a New Mathematical Future.
Expiry date:2013/09/27
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