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Free Nappy Poo Poo Pouch Sample - Offer No Longer Available

Posted By: kteale, posted 2009/07/09 09:50
Log on to Babylove Club website and get a sample of the new Babylove Poo Poo Pouch Nappy.

Requested by merchant to advise that offer no longer available
  • melscott282009/07/09 11:24:51
    Not fair, ive asked for a sample of the other nappies ages ago and now they wont let me try these new ones. Isnt that the point of samples, Getting to try new products.
  • kazyazy2009/07/09 13:01:08
    I don't like the name poo poo :eek:
  • melscott282009/07/09 13:07:16
    I don't like the name poo poo :eek:

    Yeah i think they should of come up with something a bit better. I wouldnt like to ask someone for a price on poo poo nappies.

    " price check on poo poo pouch isle 4" :o
  • NoosieB2009/07/09 13:09:12
    I had a bit of a giggle at the name, but seriously, do you think that little indentation would make much of a difference? :w00t: Anyone who tries - would love to know if it actually works.
  • melscott282009/07/09 13:17:24
    I would try if they gave me a free sample. But i have learnt not to waste money on trying different nappies, 3 boys and ive always used Huggies, tried lots of others but always gone back to Huggies. Wasted so much money throwing others out.

    And no i dont think the indentation would make much of a difference. Its not like its a cup to catch the extra in. I wonder if it actually would make the nappy less absorbant - it looks thinner in that patch.
  • golfwidow2009/07/09 13:18:06
    Yes the name definately leaves something to be desired. Ewww explosive nappies. I had forgotten :o LOL
  • melscott282009/07/09 13:19:55
    " the only nappy designed to stop a poo explosion "

    That makes me laugh
  • kteale2009/07/09 14:32:52
    yes it did make me giggle
    Yamaha Virago
  • Gallanty2009/07/09 20:23:47
    What a load of poo poo. Hopeless name, the market department should be sacked for that one, and doesn't entice me to buy or try these nappies on my bub, I think this is a really bad marketing gimick.
  • spodosaurus2009/07/10 04:38:16
    My daughter likes the name :) She's 2
  • melissanj2009/07/10 21:11:00
    i wish they had these in my sons size! unfortunately its infant or newborn :S
  • kazyazy2009/07/10 21:18:15
    I think they need a cuter name like Pouchies ...nobody wants to be reminded of poo poo lol :)
  • winniblu2009/07/11 02:52:13
    "When your main meal is a drink of milk with an air bubble chaser"


    I have nearly wet myself!
  • golfwidow2009/07/20 20:35:52
    I received mine today. Doesn't look much different to normal ones. Just a thinner part which is the pouchy bit.

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