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FREE MOVIE TICKETS thanks to Hoyts - join the movie club

Posted By: nod, posted 2008/10/21 09:38
This is open to new members and members that update their records for the Movie club - which is free to join

Fill in your details or update them and get two free tickets.
Site says you need to use the tickets before 1st but when you get confirmation it is actually the 12th
Expiry date:2008/11/12
  • admin2008/10/21 11:27:01
    makes me wonder what sort of movies they will have on offer
  • nod2008/10/21 11:58:40
    just got mine sent :)
  • melissanj2008/10/21 13:08:31
    i tried to get mine but it says im already registered....i dont remember registering with them!!! lol
  • Jason822008/10/21 13:46:36
    just ONE free ticket per join, not two

    thanks for the free movie
  • meow2008/10/21 15:33:37
    I;ve received the voucher..but the voucher looks as if its cropped~is this right?
  • craftykiwi2008/10/21 18:25:31
    i tried to get mine but it says im already registered....i dont remember registering with them!!! lol

    It says you can update your membership details and still get the free movie ticket even if you are registered.
  • absolutebeginner2008/10/21 22:29:38
    I'm having difficulties updating membership too. Won't save, keeps telling me "user id already exists". : (
  • heremo2008/10/21 22:39:47
    That website is so user unfriendly and keeps telling me my mobile phone has already been registered!!
  • nod2008/10/22 12:04:23
    I wonder if they have put a few bugs in :(
    I added a new membership without any problems
  • queenshrew2008/10/22 12:16:54
    Mine tells me to go and update in person at a cinema (can't remember the exact words).. :confused:
  • lilpretzel2008/10/22 12:48:10
    What no QLD :(
  • femme172008/10/22 16:22:57
    mine told me to update my details at the cinema too :(
  • mouldgirl2008/10/22 19:15:09
    would they give you a free ticket if you went to the cinema?
  • photographyisart2008/10/23 09:02:15
    it says when i register that i need to put in my mobile number to claim it??
  • frogduck2008/10/23 10:36:32
    yeh, they send u a redemption code through sms to go with the email :)
  • soninicole2008/10/26 13:54:31
    They don't keep texting crap to your mobile number, do they?
  • Brad2008/10/26 14:03:57
    Welcome to Buckscoop soninicole!

    If you're worried about receiving unwanted text messages, I suggest you get a prepaid sim card, and use that number to join rather than your primary number :)
  • soninicole2008/10/26 21:38:07
    Thx for the welcome! *warm fuzzies*...

    Idon't so much care if they send me msgs, so long as I'm not paying for it... KWIM?
  • admin2008/10/27 11:54:28
    Photo - they send the ticket to your mobile phone which is why they need your number.
  • krazitired2008/11/03 21:35:46
    The don't actually send the ticket to your mobile phone! As frogduck said, they send you a redemption code. To allay Soninicole's fear - I claimed my ticket early last week and I haven't had any sms spam from Hoyts so far..

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