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FREE Movie Ticket From Gaviscon

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2008/04/22 15:12
To win this great prize, be among the first 5,000 people to watch the Gaviscon Cool TV commercial and answer a true or false question for a free Hollywood Movie Money Voucher to SEMI-PRO (valid for one admission up to $16)
To claim your ticket:
Click play on the TV commercial
Answer the true or false question
Fill in your details and follow the prompts to receive your ticket
  • Keeys2008/04/22 16:01:07
    One entry per household.

    Great deal though thanks fingers crossed a few of us were quick enough :)
  • Keeys2008/04/22 16:05:54
    If someone would like my free ticket pm me and I'll give you the cose to claim. We aren't able to use it and I'd rather it go to someone than to waste :)
  • Gallifrey2008/04/22 16:18:33
    hot from me, thanks, and the cinema near me will take it!! :-)
  • Gallifrey2008/04/22 16:19:22
    it has your name actually printed on it and says you may need to show id
  • Keeys2008/04/22 16:56:43
    bugger what a waste :(
  • joelwilliam2008/04/22 18:49:54
    Check first to see if the ticket is going to be any good to you.

    Present to any participating theatre through June 30, 2008 for one adult admission (up to $16.00)
    to see Semi Pro in theatres. For theatre locations visit [url]www.hollywoodmoviemoney.com.au[/url]
  • Keeys2008/04/22 19:22:41
    Thanks for that joel .... I could have used on the weekend but won't have a chance now :( 2 days to late.

    Good deal for those who can use it :)
  • mikepspencer2008/04/22 19:35:14
    u can check if u got a nearby cinema here http://www.hollywoodmoviemoney.com.au/cinema_locator.cfm
  • voteoften2008/04/22 22:58:34
    i'm having trouble viewing the commercial. Can anyone tell me if it is true or false?
  • voteoften2008/04/22 23:02:40
    i'm having trouble viewing the commercial. Can anyone tell me if it is true or false?

    Nevermind, what a moronic question:w00t: ............
  • stilted2008/04/22 23:05:17
    True -

    Looks dodge- hopefully accepted at boxoffice

  • voteoften2008/04/24 18:10:12
    Anyone who got one of these should use soon. From the session times listed here in Perth, it looks like the movie could be on the way out. Apparently the bear in this movie has just killed the trainer.
  • mikepspencer2008/04/26 16:48:58
    offer Expired
  • Brad2008/04/26 21:31:26
    Marked likewise now :)
  • voteoften2008/04/27 21:38:09
    Saw the movie tonight. Thanks fairybelle
  • leny2008/05/04 15:25:09
    I got this one at the LAST MINUTE. Lucky I was browsing through the freebies! Got two tickets and I will see the movie with mu brother.

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