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Free mild peri-peri sauce (mild) from Nandos

Posted By: Captainjack, posted 2013/06/15 23:51
Fill in the form using the link and Nandos will send you a free sample of their mild sauce. Doesn´t appear to be any limit on the number of times you can fill out the form either.

The Promotion closes at 6am, Sydney Time, 10/11/13
Expiry date:2013/11/10
  • pjau2013/06/17 01:20:11
    Yes I love Nandos!
  • Captainjack2013/06/17 07:32:57
    I´m with you there pjau, can´t get enough of their chicken!
  • Jabberwocky2013/06/17 21:01:38
    You'll never ever get enough chicken from a Nandos store!
  • Donkey2013/06/17 21:44:10
    You mean you can never ? Or their serves are never enough?
  • pjau2013/06/17 23:29:44
    the servings are bigger if you eat in, well the chips are atleast

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