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FREE miessence organic skin care samples

Posted By: melscott28, posted 2010/02/19 12:12
Get FREE miessence Certified Organic samples simply by completing your contact details

I have tried a moisturer of theirs at my brothers house and it was great. I think they are a little pricey but great quality.

Hello All,

Brad here from Shine Organics. I just wanted to say THANKS for all visitng my web site and completing the contact us page.

YES you will be receiving FREE skin care samples and getting to try for FREE the purist natural and organic skin care range.

I look forward to sharing this range and helping you all live a healthier less toxic life.

Brad Bowden
- ShineOrganics

* Due to overwhelming reponse I have had to remove the offer. I have had 8500 contacts in 3 days and as I am a sole trader will need some time to get thru them all.* Thanks Brad
- ShineOrganics
  • hatoo2010/02/19 12:28:50
    Just a word of warning, that they don't send out any samples, they just send an email claiming they have run out this month (even if you try the following month) and if you'd still like a sample a link to pay $6.95 via paypal.
  • melscott282010/02/19 12:45:20
    i got an email saying:
    Thanks for visiting my web site and completing the contact us form to receive your FREE miessence skin care samples.
    So I can get them to as soon as possible can you please let me know the best address for me to post them to.
    I look forward to sharing these wonderful safe and effective products with you.

    Was it the same site or just the same company?
  • hatoo2010/02/19 17:07:35
    sorry, it was the same company but different site. Am glad to hear that they're going to send you out some samples on this site :)
  • ShineOrganics2010/02/20 12:22:37
    Hello Brad here from Shine Organics. I just wanted to assure you that everyone will be getting their FREE miessence skin care samples and that this is totally upfront.

    Thanks Brad Bowden
  • ShineOrganics2010/02/22 07:54:11
    Hello All,

    Thanks to all of you that have completede the contact us page to receive FREE skin care samples.

    Due to the overwhelming response I have run out of samples.

    Stay tuned for more special offers in the future.

    Thanks Brad
  • melscott282010/02/23 14:39:39
    WOW received mine today. Got samples for cleanser, skin conditioner, moisturiser and body cream. Came with a catalouge, amazed by the range, skin creams, baby products, make up, perfume, hair care. Also got a hand written note from Brad.

    Nice friendly samples!
  • melscott282010/02/26 11:20:38
    I received email today saying to send my address again and he will send a sample for a friend if i have already received one. Love the customer service.

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