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Free Microsoft Money Plus

Posted By: scupper, posted 2010/05/08 00:53
Due to MS Money being discontinued, MS is giving it away. This is a US version so be aware that when you import your downloaded bank statements, it will be expecting it in US date format. You can open the file in a text editor and change the dates yourself to make them compatible.

I dont believe MS Money was ever compatible with Australian banks so ignore any online features (they should be deactivated already on this version but there are still references to them).

A few people have tried to add their own bank statement download service here (may be US-centric, havent tried):

Please note: if you have an existing Money file, it may not be compatible with this US version. It is advisable to install to an alternate folder or another PC if you want an existing version to keep working.

edit: Added warning for compatibility issues for those with existing MS Money files. Edited out issues with downloaded bank statements - they were only relevant to CSV which is not a standard and not one of the supported importable files
  • rthomson2010/05/09 17:42:22
    From what I can gather, you must have an original Money Plus product with registration key to use this. The only thing that changes is that you register offline rather than online.
  • scupper2010/05/10 12:58:09
    It has no registration at all.

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