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FREE iTunes downloads - every day until Christmas

Posted By: geo78, posted 2009/12/15 12:44
Every day from 15th until 26th December, theage.com.au and The Age are giving away a FREE* iTunes download.
  • geo782009/12/15 12:44:41
    Here is today's offer:
    Doctor Who
    Doctor Who Special: Voyage of the Damned

    Kylie Minogue joins the Timelord on a spectacular journey as the RMS Titanic crashes into the TARDIS on Christmas Eve 2007. When disaster strikes plucky waitress Astrid joins forces with the Doctor to do battle with a host of homicidal angels but who will survive the voyage?
  • taskel2009/12/15 16:10:35
    Cool, thanks geo :thumbsup: Will be checking back to see what else is on offer.
  • Donkey2009/12/15 21:03:14
    gallifrey - where are you.......
  • Donkey2009/12/15 21:05:57
    Geo - does that need a code to download ?
  • golfwidow2009/12/16 09:41:31
    gallifrey - where are you.......

    Hehe. Thats the first thing I thought too :D
  • Donkey2009/12/16 20:13:21
    Its still showing doctor who. Shouldnt there be a newbie there by now ?
  • swissmiss2009/12/16 21:17:39
    Donkey - I don't get it either. The deal for today is what it was yesterday! I've been hanging out wondering what it was going to be.
  • jezzamine2009/12/16 22:11:47
    "Buy The Age daily from December 15 to 26 and turn to page 2 to receive your free iTunes download."
    Read. Listen. Watch.

    Today's free download is Guy Sebastian (featuring Jordin Sparks) Art of Love (video)
  • Donkey2009/12/16 22:57:07
    :D - oooh yea baby.... thats one I've gotta download.....

    ta jezzamine.
  • jezzamine2009/12/17 00:04:59
    Handel Messiah: For Unto Us A Child Is Born
    12 Days of Christmas - theage.com.au
  • jezzamine2009/12/18 15:57:03
    Here is today's offer:

    Decoder Ring
    Charlotte Rampling

    Bathed in torrents of cascading sound, "Charlotte Rampling" is a track taken off "They Blind The Stars, And The Wild Team" - a true musical adventure and Decoder Ring's best work yet. No small accomplishment given the critical listener and award circuit praise already heaped on the band both locally and internationally.

    Ready To Go* (feat. Nat Dunn)

    One of the most visible characters on the local hip hop scene, URTHBOY is a key figure in the genre's escalating success. His latest album 'Spitshine' not only consolidates every superlative sent his way, but gives numerous reasons to pile more on.

    *Explicit language in song lyrics

    Deep Sea Arcade
    Lonely in your arms

    Ethereal guitars and lyrical quirks will transport the listener to a dark, watery world of mystery and enchantment, and leave their heads swimming with unforgettable melodies. Sydney's DEEP SEA ARCADE's reverberated pop recalls The Beatles at their psychedelic peak, yet with a character and charm that is undeniably unique.

    12 Days of Christmas - theage.com.au
  • jezzamine2009/12/19 01:18:07

    Mad Men
    Season 2 episode 1 (m rating)

    Winner of multiple Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series. Mad Men is sexy smart and addictive. Set in 1960's New York, the stylised and provocative drama follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising. An ego driven world where players make the art of the sell.

    12 Days of Christmas - theage.com.au
  • jezzamine2009/12/19 01:25:08
    Dora the Explorer

    Dora the Explorer is a show featuring a seven year old Latina Heroine who lives inside a computer. Dora and her best friend Boots invite viewers to participate in exciting adventures. Each step presents problems or puzzles, and Dora and the viewer must think their way through to the solution.

    12 Days of Christmas - theage.com.au
  • jezzamine2009/12/19 01:27:12
    Vanessa Amorosi
    Baby's On Ice / Alien's & UFO's

    One of the country's most talented vocalists - Vanessa Amorosi's stunning new album Hazardous follows the ARIA #1 certified Gold Single, This Is Who I Am. The first Australian to hold #1 for consecutive weeks since Silverchair's Straight Lines in 2007, her second single Hazardous is set to follow suit.

    12 Days of Christmas - theage.com.au
  • jezzamine2009/12/22 13:49:33
    Here is today's offer:

    The Beautiful Girls

    The Beautiful Girls 'Don't Wait' is just a song about going out, finding a girl and dancing with her. Living life and having a good time. With everybody. Together. 'Don�t Wait' is the first single from the up-coming album which will hit stores in May 2010.

    Bertie Blackman

    First stepping onto the local scene in 2004, Bertie Blackman has established herself as one of Australia's most creative and unique singer / songwriters going around. Her latest album "Secrets & Lies" was recently names Best Independent Release at the 2009 ARIA Awards, for it's blend of folk, rock and electronic sensibilities.


    Sydney's ART vs SCIENCE - part pop, part French electro, with a healthy infusion of rock - is perfectly suited to the live arena and they have quickly developed a reputation as one of Australia's best live bands. ART vs SCIENCE'S self-released, self-titled debut EP reached #6 on the iTunes charts (#1 Dance Album), thanks in no small part to the thumping party track Parlez-Vous Francais?

    12 Days of Christmas - theage.com.au
  • Donkey2009/12/22 18:46:54
    There's still not a whole heap in there that I'd download. Ta for the updates jezzamine.

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