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FREE Investment Guide/Free Seminar From SITM!

Posted By: Brad, posted 2008/01/18 05:06
Get A Free Investment Know-How Guide from Safety In The Market.
Simply follow the link, fill in your details, and you'll be sent a free Investment know-how guide
AND an invitation to a free seminar!
  • leny2008/01/18 22:41:53
    Woohoo great one
  • leny2008/01/18 22:43:20
    I hope these people don't spam me or keep calling me. Or I'm going to scream at them :p
  • leny2008/01/18 22:45:11
    They invite you to a free seminar after you've entered your details too. Might be nice to put this additional info into the OP. :)
  • Brad2008/01/18 22:49:38
    Consider it added. :p
  • leny2008/01/18 22:51:34
    They actually ask you to register for the seminar right after submitting your details on the website. :p You are given a few venues and times to choose from on particular dates. :p
  • Brad2008/01/18 22:54:51
    Updated again.

    lol :D
  • leny2008/01/18 22:56:00
    Thanks for that. :D
  • leny2008/01/18 23:02:17
    Brad, I have another problem that you must fix right now
  • leny2008/01/18 23:04:09
    Nah I'm kidding :p
  • Brad2008/01/18 23:57:15
    I'm glad its all good now :D LOL
  • Mikes2008/01/19 00:35:14
    I wonder what their advice is now after the past 10 days on the ASX??
  • Brad2008/01/19 00:39:28
    I think a lot of people would love some answers Mikes! :eek:

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