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FREE huggies "Little swimmers" swimpants sample!

Posted By: jayne, posted 2007/04/09 14:16
Huggies.com.au are giving away a free sample of their "Little swimmers" range - one perhousehold. They come in three sizes, so you can choose which one will fit your kiddie. Simply click the "Go to deal" button, and fill in your details.
  • jayne2007/04/10 05:18:01

    Start swimming with us!

    Put on your Huggies Little Swimmers® swimpants and start having fun in the water. Unlike nappies, they don’t soak up any water, always staying light and comfortable.

    Nothing gets in the way of fun when you have HUGGIES Little Swimmers® swimpants! Request your free sample now.

    Samples are available to residents of Australia and New Zealand. There is a limit of one sample per year per household.
    To request a sample you must be a either a Huggies Baby Club or Mum to Be member.

    To request your free Huggies Little Swimmers® swimpant:

    [*]If you are already a member please sign in to request a sample.
    [*]If you are not a member, please Join a Huggies Club now, you will then be able to request a sample.[/LIST]
  • admin2007/07/30 09:22:53
    :) - just looked at this freebie and the message says that they've filled their sample quota for this month ...

    Which may also mean that if your needing a sample the new month starts soon.....so I wont expire it just yet.
  • Keeys2007/12/09 14:25:24
    This sample is working atm for those interested, great for a spare to leave in the car.
  • geo782008/04/05 20:48:53
    i received mine 2 days ago...now i'm going swimming...
  • Keeys2008/04/06 00:40:34
    wow what size did you order Geo??
  • geo782008/04/06 10:53:15
    the biggest :) anyway, i ordered and i gave it to one of my friends who just had a baby...hopefully she can use it...
  • Keeys2008/04/06 11:51:28
    These are great for holidays wen staying somewhere with a pool. We have a swim nappy at home for our local pool but when staying in a motel room its a pain because it takes forever to dry so these are much better wear and throw out.

    We sell them at our local pool since its come in kids under 2 have to wear a swimmer nappy. We go through a heap of them.
  • lilpretzel2009/01/03 11:34:33
    This offer is still available.


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