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Free Gimi Chocolate Sample

Posted By: shanneene, posted 2012/12/03 13:23
Sorry about this guys, but it does appear to be a fake site. :( I signed up for it too, so I'm in the same boat as the rest of you. I will be removing the link. Thanks Jezebel for those links to the blogs about them being fake. I will do the same to other freebie sites I am on.

edit: I can't seem to remove the link, so if the owner of the site could remove it, that'd be great.
  • jezebel82012/12/03 17:43:02
    Please be careful about this 'freebie chocolate' site - We had this offer listed on here since last year but apparently it's a fake site:

    link posted here in 2011
    Another site written in 2012

    Edited By: jezebel8 on 2012/12/03 06:49:36: .
  • shanneene2012/12/03 18:23:05
    I'm not sure, I just signed up and haven't got my chocolate yet. I will give it around 8-10 weeks, and if it hasn't arrived by then, I'll concede that the site may be fake. Until then, we'll see. I like to give sites the benefit of the doubt. They might be delayed because lots of people request samples, and they might not be able to meet people's demands.
  • jezebel82012/12/03 19:35:02
    From what I've read from the previous posts, the chocolates weren't delayed or anything like it. The company simply does not exist. But tell us if you do receive anything, I'm not too keen in providing my personal details if it's a bogus site. But, free chocolates are always good! =)
  • shanneene2012/12/03 21:32:29
    Yeah, I will keep you posted :)
  • vipulrm2012/12/03 22:09:56
    I did fall for this the last time. Nothing turned up. I'm sure the site is harvesting emails.
  • shanneene2012/12/03 22:32:45
    If it is the way you say, they have no chance at harvesting mine. The email I use for samples and contests is a dummy one, I never use my real email for stuff like that.
  • Loftee2012/12/04 00:20:02
    I use an address for shopping anyway, jokes on them?
  • shanneene2012/12/04 16:46:30
  • bronone2012/12/05 15:00:47
    If this is a potential scam site, then why is it still showing here.....at very best a warning about it before we all go clicking through, NOT in the comment section would be helpful!!! :-(
  • shanneene2012/12/05 18:20:36
    Actually, I read through some blog posts that it is a fake site, and there is no such company. I will remove the link if I can, and warn people not to click. I just hope ppl used fake emails for this.

    Edited By: shanneene on 2012/12/05 07:30:14: fake site sorry guys

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