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Free Food Products and Household Samples - Word of Mouth

Posted By: craftykiwi, posted 2008/07/08 13:28
We had a Word Of Mouth demonstration at our senior citizens group last Friday where I do volunteer work and they really enjoyed it. Nice change from the usual games, trivia and exercises that we normally do with them.

Word of Mouth is completely free and they come to your work place or social group and do a demonstration of new products in the market place with the idea that if you like them you'll go out and buy them in the future.
They are an independent group similar to party plan but with no hard sell. Each demonstration is catered to your age group.

We got to taste noodles, tuna and crackers and take home a tin of tuna, Oil of Ulay skin lotion (not a small sample packet but small bottle), roll of paper towels, Tena Lady pads, and some heat packs. For some products they would like some feedback on their website as to what you think of the item so they can let the manufacturer know.

They also have fundraising and bring along a bag of goodies for you to raffle off, and a bag for the hostess. Ours was valued at approx. $35.

They are based in NSW but have groups in Queensland and Victoria, but not sure about other states.
We have organised for them to come back again in November when there will be new products out.
  • chloe07082008/10/28 20:13:32
    Link is dead
  • Brad2008/10/28 20:21:07
    Welcome to Buckscoop Chloe0708!

    I have just fixed up the link, so it should work for you now :)
  • craftykiwi2008/10/28 20:27:51
    Been to a few of these for various fundraisers and they are great fun. The last one on the weekend I came home with free yoghurt, cereal, muesli, corn crackers and plasters.

    Having said that they have been changing or updating their website and that could be why the problem chloe. Thanks Brad for fixing it up.
  • melissanj2008/10/28 23:18:58
    we had one at my old childcare :D it was great!! we had free wipes, lotions, chocies and sippah straws....and that was just in the bag!!

    Very much worth it!
  • chloe07082008/10/29 11:42:27
    cheers for that... will take a look now
  • photographyisart2008/11/06 22:54:50
    welcome to buckscoop Chloe0708 :) !
  • lindanat2008/11/13 12:08:18
    We have had Word of Mouth and the other ones at our playgroup once a term for ages, but after about 2 visits its the same thing. Word of Mouth used to do a sample bag for $10.00 but they have now stopped that. Demonstators get $60 per demo they hold.
  • photographyisart2008/11/13 23:36:28
    Yeah they change products every 6 months or something
  • admin2008/11/14 00:10:03
    Interesting idea.....
  • Dillah222010/04/15 21:36:46
    Yes i think also its too interesting and amazing idea because been to a few of these for various fundraisers and they are great fun. :P

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