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Free Fletcher Jones tshirt - Pick Up - Must Join FJ Club.

Posted By: ruthiech80, posted 2008/09/30 08:00
Fill in coupon and present in store for free tshirt, no purchase required

Have got email, and attachment, not sure how to attach pdf file here though
Expiry date:2008/10/12
  • lilpretzel2008/09/30 09:43:36
    By signing this voucher you are hereby agreeing to becoming a member of the “theFJclub”.

    Added link and picture for you.

  • Gallifrey2008/09/30 10:20:55
    To find a Store near you, go to their site and click on LOCATIONS:

  • craftykiwi2008/10/11 11:46:40
    Great deal - picked up mine today. Not many left at our store and you'll have to be in quick as it finishes tomorrow.
  • queenshrew2008/10/11 11:53:08
    Nice deal!! Didn't see it until now...
    Might try and pick one up today :D
    Thanks ruthie!
  • craftykiwi2008/10/11 12:31:43
    Yes I nearly missed it too. Saw it somewhere else and noticed the end date. Luckily we have a store just up the road too! Nice quality as well.
  • queenshrew2008/10/11 12:46:26
    Oh yeah, thanks too crafty..for bringing to my attention :D
  • becca112008/10/12 00:37:41
    do you still get 20% of your first order if you pick up the t? hubby and i both joined for the discount on his shirts... wonder if we can get tshirts as well....
  • craftykiwi2008/10/12 08:27:12
    I'm sure you can becca. One's a freebie for joining and isn't really classified as a first order.
    The whole idea of joining is to offer you all sorts of specials and discounts, but you'd need to read the fine print.

    I'm assuming by joining yesterday when I collected the shirt I'll also get a 20% off voucher in the post once they process my application so if I were you I'd get the T-shirt first and then go back for the 20% off or if you have another store nearby go there for the discount.

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