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FREE Embertec SmartSwitches retailed at $100 Each - Victorians only.

Posted By: sambens, posted 2012/06/07 00:09
Save in excess of 10% on your electricity costs, just by installing Embertec SmartSwitches to your TVs and home computers. Its easy. Its free. And youll be helping the enviroment at the same time.
Expiry date:2012/07/30
  • Donkey2012/06/07 03:04:37
    Worth a close read of the terms and conditions before you jump on this offer. Here's some of them. Its not strictly 'free' - you give them the right to use your installation for gathering carbon credits which they no doubt then apply to some purpose. I'd be intrigued to know what the mapping is between the actual energy saved through the installation of the smartswitch and the volume of carbon credit given to the installers. It would be a dud scheme if you theoretically saved 20kg of carbon per household but then awarded 100kg of carbon credit on the back of some fanciful binding between the two things.

    "The Applicant must be a permanent resident of the property at the address provided
    (the Premises).

    • The Applicant must register for participation in the Program by telephone at 1300 98
    26 28, online at [url]www.bendigobank.com.au[/url] or in person at any Victorian Bendigo
    Bank branch.

    • The Premises must be a domestic residence located in the state of Victoria.

    • Standby Power Controllers (including Embertec SmartSwitches™) provided under the
    Victorian Government’s Energy Saver Incentive Scheme must not have not been
    previously installed in the Premises.

    • Embertec SmartSwitches™ must be installed by a qualified employee or contactor of
    Energy Makeovers.

    • By providing their signature to Energy Makeovers, the Applicant agrees to assign
    their rights to Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) as a result of the
    installation of the Embertec SmartSwitches™ to Energy Makeovers in exchange for
    the free provision and installation of the Embertec SmartSwitches™.

    • Up to 4 Embertec SmartSwitches™ will be supplied and installed in eligible Premises
    that meet the minimum requirements specified in Schedule 29 of the Victorian Energy
    Efficiency Target Regulations 2008.

    • Installations of the Embertec SmartSwitches™ will occur between 1 June 2012 and
    31 August 2012.

    • Applicants must ensure that they or their authorised adult representative are present
    during the installation of Embertec SmartSwitches™.

    • Residents in rural areas may wait up to 12 weeks to receive installation of Embertec

    • In the event that Energy Makeovers installers are unable to attend a scheduled
    installation then the Applicant shall be notified as soon as possible and alternative
    arrangements for installation shall be made.

    • Residents will allow Energy Makeovers and its representatives to remove and recover
    any Embertec SmartSwitches™ installed under the Switch to Save program that are
    subsequently found to be ineligible under the Victorian Government’s Energy Saver
    Incentive scheme.

    • All Applicants who have registered online or in branch will be called within 2 business
    days of registration to confirm their details and if applicable schedule a booking to
    install the Embertec SmartSwitches™ at their property. All applicants who register via
    phone will have their details confirmed during the call and if applicable a booking will
    be scheduled to install the Embertec SmartSwitches™ at their property.

    • Applicants who fail to attend the Premises at the time of the scheduled installation
    may be ineligible for installation of Embertec SmartSwitches™ and may forfeit their
    participation in the Program. Any decision to reschedule installation shall be at the
    absolute discretion of Energy Makeovers"

    Assignment of Carbon Credits to Energy Makeovers

    By participating in the Program and having energy saving products and services installed at
    their Premises, the Applicant acknowledges and agrees:

    • They are the tenant/landlord/owner of the Premises;

    • The installer is Energy Makeovers or its authorised agent;

    • That by signing Energy Makeovers’ VEEC assignment form they are assigning the
    right to create VEECs for the installation to Energy Makeovers;

    • They have received installation and products free of charge from Energy Makeovers
    in exchange for assigning their rights to create the certificates for the installation;

    • That information on Energy Makeovers’ VEEC assignment form will be disclosed to
    the Essential Services Commission for the purpose of creating certificates under the
    Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 and for related verification, audit and
    scheme monitoring purposes;

    • The Essential Services Commission has the right to inspect the installation with
    reasonable notice; and

    • They are aware that penalties can be applied for providing misleading information on
    Energy Makeovers’ VEEC assignment form under the Victorian Energy Efficiency
    Target Act 2007
  • Sharp2012/06/07 07:52:33
    There is nothing wrong in the t&c's. They provide the switches and claim VEE certificates against those. This is the purpose of the whole scheme, to force retailers to make homes more energy efficient.
  • Donkey2012/06/07 16:44:21
    Yea I get that bit.

    What I'm questioning is the connection between actual power saved and carbon credits.

    Energy makeovers receives carbon credits for every free switch it installs irrespective of how or how much usage it actually saves. Plus just one energy saving switch in a household full of non energy saving switches........ The offer is for ONE switch, not a house full. Of course if you want more they'll happily charge you consultancy and project fees to tell you how to become more energy efficient.

    From there you assign all your carbon credit rights (for just that one installation? for the whole house?). With a high level of penetration of freebie switches Energy Makeovers has quite an asset to 'trade' on the carbon credit market.

    Back to my mapping. If the mapping between the actual energy saved is disproportional to the carbon credit awarded under the scheme there's an issue. Energy Makeovers most probably makes their money on the carbon credit trading they do with the credits you assign over to them. Who do they sell to .... the power production companies? - who by the way are often in the highest bracket of polluters..... BHP?.... There's an issue there if you in actuality save 1 unit of carbon through your switch while the formula for determining the carbon credit awards 10 units of credit.

    Ultimately - I personally think any effort to greener and meaner is good. I just get very cynical when you throw bumbling bureaucrats and commerce into the fray.
  • Cathski2012/06/13 19:37:51
    My parents had these switches installed and they made the tv turn on in the middle of the night....
  • Donkey2012/06/13 19:51:19
    Are you sure that wasnt the poltergeists ?

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