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Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2011/11/29 19:21
We are so proud of what we have to offer that wed like to give you a free meal delivered to your home at no cost to you. This Easy Meals offer is available Australia wide. All you have to do is complete the form below and the meal of your choice will be sent out within the next few weeks if selected.
Please note that a valid email address and phone number are needed to ensure the safe delivery of your meal. This offer is only available whilst stocks last (5000 promo meals available per year distributed randomly at Easy Meals discrection)
Expiry date:2010/12/31
  • Donkey2011/11/30 11:00:12
    I know its normal for a freebie but I find the way they are running this a bit slippery.

    In their words "we'd like to give you a free meal" which then gets watered down into "the meal of your choice will be sent out if selected".

    So although there's supposedly 5000 meals to give away, it appears the selection is at their discretion.
  • Keeys2011/12/01 21:49:47
    I had a phone call today trying to sell their product. No freebie!!
  • ryan192011/12/01 21:57:44
    I did this a few months ago, I was selected to get a free meal. Then they phoned me and tried me to sign up with them. I said I could not say yes as my free meal had not arrived so I did not know what the product was like. The Answer I got was the free meals were being sent out, but they were just back logged and the special they were running was for the day of the phone call only. I declined and my free meal never turned up.
  • kazyazy2011/12/01 22:04:17
    I had a phone call today trying to sell their product. No freebie!!

    Thats crap, I expired it !!

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