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Free Climate Change Action Kit

Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/07/18 06:20
Get your free climate change action kit from Cool The Globe.

The Climate Change Action Kit contains a variety of tips and tools including:
* "Australia's Inconvenient Truth" - this booklet provides an overview of climate change, its impact on Australia and solutions we can adopt today.
* Handy GreenHome tips for making simple changes in your life to reduce your greenhouse pollution.
* Act now on Climate Change, sticker.
* Fridge Magnet with GreenHome tips.
* A letter for you to send to your State Senator urging greater action on climate change.
* Ways for you to become part of a growing community of Australians committed to tackling climate change.
  • jayne2007/07/18 22:22:15
    Voted hot for the environment :D
  • nod2007/07/19 16:21:08
    I think we should all sign up for this to offset all the energy we use on our computers :o
  • Brad2007/07/19 17:08:51
    :D Don't get it if you don't need it though - It takes energy to manufacture it, and it cuts down a carbon offsetting thing - a tree.
  • nod2007/07/19 17:30:12
    very very good point
    so I guess maybe the booklet was not such a great idea
    but then again how do you produce something like that without damage??
  • Brad2007/07/19 17:34:35
    Viewing it online of course. :D
  • ScarletRubies2007/08/07 22:20:31
    Received this in the mail today; I'd say they could have used half the paper and energy to communicate the same message, and the plastic sticker is a waste of resources IME. That said, I can pass on what I won't reuse. As for the stupid photo card of Kochie and Mel, I could have done without it!
  • holdenmg2008/03/19 19:04:08

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