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Spam - Free CELLect™ Sample Pack

Posted By: rizzi, posted 2013/05/29 19:45
Important note: This sample pack is for cattle not human use.

If you own cattle and want to see if CELLect is right for your livestock, you may want to order a free sample pack today by completing and submitting the form on their website.

The CELLect sample pack contains:

• 5 mg Bovine Albumin, Low Endotoxin (catalog number 02180577),
• 5 mg Bovine Albumin, Low IgG (catalog number 02180576),
• 5 mg Bovine Albumin, Low Free Fatty Acid (catalog number 02180575), and
• 10mg of Bovine Transferrin (HOLO) (catalog number 0215233510).

Special note from MP Biomedicals, LLC.:

Since government regulations require MP Biomedicals, LLC. to use “due diligence” in screening all orders and to refuse to ship where improper use is indicated, we require that indicate your understanding that MP Biomedicals, LLC. products will only be used for laboratory research or in invitro diagnostics, where indicated, and shall not be used for human consumption or applications.

Sample orders are accepted until June 30, 2013.
Expiry date:2013/06/30
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