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Free Carman's Fine Food's Enviro Bag

Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/09/18 02:11
Complete Carman's Fine Food's survey, and they'll send you a Carman's Enviro Bag to take shopping with you on completion.
  • ScarletRubies2007/09/18 17:23:30
    I [COLOR="Red"]♥[/COLOR] Carman's stuff! These "guys" (actually an Aussie mum, I think??) make terrific muesli and scrumptious muesli bars. I found them online about 2 years ago while looking for good, nutritious snacks for my kids, and I actually exchanged emails from someone with the company and she sent me a number of free samples - except not individual items, whole (retail) boxes. I am a BIG fan.
  • Brad2007/09/18 17:24:37
    Sounds like they have great customer service. :w00t:
  • Gallifrey2007/09/18 23:35:40
    they do have great customer service, I emailed then for a sample several weeks ago and I received an email back very quickly to appoligise that they didnt have any free samples left and asked if I would like an enviro shopping bag!

    I received my bag very quickly and use it often. It is black and has Carmen's in the side.

    I must also say that the bag is a good size too!

    Love the bag and love their products too!
  • admin2007/09/18 23:51:30
    I reckon its great to support independant and local. Ta Brad.
  • enthusiast2007/09/20 20:03:35
    It's a very short survey if you say "no" question 2!

    I did check out their site afterwards though, and did recognise the muesli bars - we have had them. Great product!

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