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Free Burrito - Guzman Y Gomez - Brisbane CBD

Posted By: Pookie, posted 2012/04/03 14:26
And to think I just got back from the Brissy CBD a few hours ago and I didnt go in and get my freebie! Doh!

For those of you that are still in Brisbane CBD, you can still get in today (before 5pm) to get your free Burrito at the Wintergarden. There will be another freebie day on the 11th April.

I will definitely be there on the 11th :)
  • Donkey2012/04/03 18:19:32
    Daddy donkey.... free burritos :)
  • fatnerd2012/04/03 18:58:41
    The line was huuuuggee. It went from one side of the food court to the other, turned, and then went towards the next side of the food court! I didn't get one but they do really nice burritos...
  • Donkey2012/04/03 20:04:12
    They ran out of burritos ?

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