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Free Artline Product Sample

Posted By: EmuUpAGumTree, posted 2010/01/12 16:42

I did this but forgot to post it. If you join Artlines VIP Club Online, you will receive a free product sample plus get advance notice of other giveaways competitions etc..

I received an Artline200 0.4 felt tip pen when I did this.
  • Rebekah762010/01/12 16:53:12
    What a great simple freebie.. now I just have to wait and see what arrives!

    ooh.. the excitement.. (yes, sad I know, but it is exciting!)
  • EmuUpAGumTree2010/01/12 17:51:22
    Yeah, I figure a good pen is a good freebie, as they say "its the pen more people pinch" LOL
  • Atoxim2010/01/12 18:23:08
    Fingers crossed this one arrives, can never have enough 'working' pens around
  • Donkey2010/01/12 18:39:24
    Fingers crossed this one arrives, can never have enough 'working' pens around

    :D - how true is that.
  • kermi2010/01/12 23:45:08
    [COLOR=DarkOrchid]I received mine... but it was a yellow ink one.. :confused:[/COLOR]
  • hatoo2010/01/13 12:09:13
    i got mine quite a while ago, it was an orange fine tip
  • queenshrew2010/01/13 12:27:58
    yellow ink? Eek~
  • kazyazy2010/01/18 12:51:19
    I got mine today and its orange :D
  • melscott282010/01/18 13:46:09
    I got one ages ago. It was a coloured felt tip but i cant remeber what colour.
  • swissmiss2010/01/19 15:53:13
    Got mine yesterday.................................hot pink!
  • blondieo2010/01/20 10:13:34
    Got mine yesterday.................................hot pink!

    OOOh I hope I get hot pink too! :w00t:
  • NoosieB2010/01/20 17:04:43
    I like this freebie.
    Thanks Emu.

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