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Free $5 Store Credit when you become a member @ Factory Fast

Posted By: LisaMaree, posted 2008/12/07 08:10
All you have to do is click on the banner in the top right corner, enter your email address and the $5 voucher code will be sent to you :)

Plus 4.5% bucky!!!
Expiry date:2008/12/01
  • nightowl792008/12/07 20:29:15
    Seems as though the $5 store credit has finished. The offer now is for a free 4GB MP3 player, however you have to refer 100 people to get the item for free.
  • lilpretzel2008/12/07 21:19:52
    Thanks nightowl for letting us know.

    Regarding the Free MP3 player, Buckscoop regards this as SPAM therefore isn't allowed to be posted on the forum ;)

    Gee giving them 100 referral emails is BIG TIME SPAM.

  • LisaMaree2008/12/07 21:50:17
    It hasn't expired they have just made it tricker to find.

    Click on the MP3 Player Banner

    At the bottom of that page click on "create new account"

    The $5 voucher banner pops up in the place of the MP3 player banner
  • lilpretzel2008/12/08 08:57:55
    Still doesn't work for me.

  • golfwidow2008/12/08 09:28:33
    Nope no mention of a $5 voucher to me either :confused:
  • YvieK2008/12/08 09:51:08
    Hmmm... My advice is voucher or no voucher be careful ordering from this site. I have had terrible trouble with them for a good long while now obtaining delivery of a battery operated kids bike I ordered and paid for. And a google search has turned up information that I am not alone in my plight with them. They have been ridiculously bad at correspondence, which can only be achieved via email. I did find a phone number via some time absorbing detective work. Messages are taken by a machine and no reply is ever received. Even if you do get a response by email, in my experience they do not directly answer your questions, and give you conflicting advice (your goods have been dispatched, followed by a message a few hours later that the item is not available, but please accept this inferior product instead)... Please do not assume these guys are anything like Deals Direct or oo.com.au, which both provide excellent service, and prompt delivery. Just be careful of this site...
  • LisaMaree2008/12/08 12:25:33
    :confused: Not sure what is happening
  • lilpretzel2008/12/08 13:00:37

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