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Free 12 month Magazine Subscription - Over 200 Titles

Posted By: Steptoe, posted 2009/01/24 23:53
Free Digital Magazines

Get a one year subscription to your favorite magazine, digitally, for FREE!

Zinio has teamed up with hundreds of your favorite publications to create The Read Green Initiative. Join The Read Green Initiative and explore digital reading.

Save green and read green.

Read your favorite articles and see your favorite ads immediately. Search for content, bookmark favorite pages and shop through your magazine. You will love the brilliant colors, clutter-free archiving, clickable links and early access to issues. Many that havent yet hit the newsstands.

Buy a digital magazine and help buy trees. A portion of your purchase will be used to plant trees!
  • sam2009/01/25 22:27:10
    thanks for this..i just signed up to a soapie magazine, and read it all!!!
  • MamaK2009/01/26 00:18:04
    yes, thanks i got the green magazine and it seems ok (not as good as G mag though!)

    how funny that they offer penthouse!
  • sunny2009/01/26 13:17:07
    ohh ta, i got the vegetarian cookbook, lots of yummy things in it.
  • labgirl2009/01/26 18:17:29
    Nice - I got Saveur for some cooking inspiration :)
  • kam762009/01/26 19:43:50
    very cool - thanks!
  • eggles2009/01/28 10:45:59
    For those adventurous among us, I hear if you use safari you can get more than one magazine download. Option 2: if once you apply with a legit email, keep closing the tab and opening a new tab via the free link. You then use a fake email address to secure another subscription
  • admin2009/01/28 10:54:56
    :D have to chuckle that there's always some way around restrictions on the internet. It amazing how fast people find the loopholes.
  • spodosaurus2009/01/29 14:40:11
    Just signed up to one of these :)
  • lilpretzel2009/01/29 21:02:37
    Just want to point this out from the t&c's ;)

    [*]Computer configuration:
    We automatically receive and log information from your browser, including your IP address, your computer’s name, your operating system, browser type and version, CPU speed, and connection speed.[/LIST][LIST]
    [*]Referral, clickstream, and site interaction data:
    We may also record the URL you linked from to get to The Read Green Initiative.com, your clickstream through and from our Web site, and other generally accepted tracking information.[/LIST]
  • btospell2009/01/30 12:48:58
    Online subscriptions are a great idea!
  • kam762009/01/30 13:44:36
    There are also some one-off free magazines available from this site at http://www.zinio.com/gncmain?cat=250931312&ns=usa
  • Bowersnest2009/01/30 21:41:42
    got the baby mag - full of adds and a bit of a dud
  • beadzoo2009/01/30 23:40:44
    I got Gem and Minerals mag for the year. It's great if you have an interest in gems.
    I tried to get Hello mag (one month free sample) but there was a glitch and it wouldn't load.
    There are some cheap magazine deals there, eg 12 copies of Elle for $12
    I still like to hold magazines in my hand, but I've looked at a few online mags and they are just like the real thing, and you can magnify the images too.
  • golfwidow2009/06/09 11:25:34
    BUMP back to the top :)

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