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Felt Cuisine - Free Play food Patterns - subscription to newsletter required

Posted By: Rebekah76, posted 2010/04/07 10:10
I have just recently found these fantastic felt play food patterns.

No sewing machine is required, and the instructions in the patterns are brilliant - many photos and very detailed.

Anyway - if you subscribe to their free newsletter, you will get sent a link to download a free strawberries pattern.


and free apples design:

There are some other patterns available, but you will need a unique access code, which I believe is provided after you subscribe/purchase. (as we purchased their gold collection, we got all the free ones on cd anyway)

they are also having a sale for subscribers only on their regular pattern selection (We bought this - and it is fantastic).

If you have kids and hate the plastic play food - this stuff is SO good. You really must check out the pictures to see how good they look - some things, it is hard to believe they are fake unless you look closely.

It is all designed by an Australian Family and I just love supporting things like this instead of the big business.

More pictures here: http://www.pretendplaykitchen.net/
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