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Coles Express - FREE Pie, Sausage Roll or Pastie - Ends 19 July

Posted By: NoosieB, posted 2009/07/06 17:52
Hungry? Print out the attached voucher and take to participating Coles Express stores and recieve a free pie, sausage roll or pastie. That should hit the spot! This is only available until Sunday 19th July.

One voucher per person per day - so if you're passing - grab one every day.
Expiry date:2009/07/19
  • labgirl2009/07/07 09:41:14
    Nice:) Perfect for winter!
  • kazyazy2009/07/09 13:02:16
    mmmm free food thanks Noosie :)
  • ndro7772009/07/10 11:00:28
    They've removed the offer, although the it said expired 19th July.
    Anyone happen to have a copy they can post here?
  • golfwidow2009/07/10 14:22:13
    Wow. That's a bit odd......No I don't have a copy either.
  • NoosieB2009/07/10 16:42:09
    I don't have another copy sorry. Just the one on the website which they have plastered EXPIRED all over it, so I guess we can't use this any longer. Maybe it proved too popular and Coles Express saw all their credit running out the door in the shape of a pastry. Did anyone manage to get a pie, sausage roll or pastie? :(
  • labgirl2009/07/10 17:41:10
    I scored a beef and mushroom pie at lunch yesterday, and it wasn't too bad at all. :)
  • NoosieB2009/07/10 17:58:03
    Hi labgirl - glad to hear someone benefited before they expired the voucher. My mouth is watering. :)
  • ndro7772009/07/10 20:38:43
    Looks like the picture is still there... :)

  • NoosieB2009/07/11 00:29:43
    Good find ndro777 - wonder if they will knock it back if you take a valid voucher instore. Whoever gives it a go - keep us posted. See if you have any luck. :)
    Hopefully it won't be knocked back with a valid end date on the coupon.
  • golfwidow2009/07/11 09:11:49
    Thanks heaps for that ndro777

    I don't see how they can knock it back as it clearly states the 19th July. It does state there are a limited amount of vouchers available so maybe they expired it once this was reached. Do they all have the same barcode number on them?
  • labgirl2009/07/12 18:31:41
    Worked for me again this afternoon, no questions asked (thanks for posting graphic ndro)
  • ndro7772009/07/14 00:57:51
    No problem guys. I've been using them myself:)

    Just wondering if admin could mark this back to active so more people could use the coupon?
  • golfwidow2009/07/14 10:31:38
    All done ;)
  • ndro7772009/07/14 10:33:21
    Thank you:)
  • craftykiwi2009/07/17 13:49:02
    Hubby picked up his pie yesterday and I collected a sausage roll today so all fine (and with same barcode), and they have the voucher glued to the front counter. As long as you printed it out before they expired it you're fine cos it's still valid until the 19th.
  • craftykiwi2009/07/19 08:25:57
    Just a reminder - it's the last day to use these if you still have one.

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